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The Triggertrap is an intelligent remote trigger for your DSLR via your iPhone. All you do is hook up the Triggertrap into your DSLR body, then insert the 3.5mm jack into your iPhone. The free Triggertrap iOS app will help you do the rest.
Below are features available via the app:
• Cable Release, press to take a photo in bulb or regular mode • Time-lapse mode • TimeWarp, time lapses with acceleration! • Distance-lapse, example: take a photo every 30 ft • Motion detection • Vibration and shock sensors • Sound detection, clap/yell/whistle to take a photo! • Facial Recognition sensor, snaps a photo when a face enters the frame • Magnetic & metallic detectors • Long-Exposure HDR • Long-Exposure HDR time-lapse • Bulb ramping, take a series of photos with increasing or decreasing shutter speeds • Star Trail mode, a time-lapse of long exposures • Sunset & Sunrise Calculator


How does it work?


Triggertrap Mobile combines the convenience of your smartphone with the power of your SLR camera to enable you to trigger your camera remotely in a host of creative ways. Triggertrap Mobile comprises two parts: The Triggertrap Mobile app which is completely free and available for both Android and iOS smartphones, and the Triggertrap Mobile kit.


We make kits that support over 350 cameras. All you have to do is connect the kit between the headphone port on your smartphone, and the cable release port on your camera, and then you can use your smartphone to trigger your camera. How simple is that? 


Triggertrap Mobile is suitable for photographers of all skill levels. Are you interested in landscape photography? Triggertrap is the perfect solution for long exposure. Do you find yourself shooting weddings and events? Triggertrap makes it easy to set up a photo booth. Are you just starting out in photography? Triggertrap is the perfect tool to get you started with techniques that can seem scary, like timelapse or high-speed photography. 

Images made with the Triggertrap:

Bird - Mike Bons.jpg

Bird - Mike Bons                                                                   

Giorgio Stellini_Boom [Explore].jpg

Giorgio Stellini_Boom

Chilie - Flash Parker.jpg

Chilie - Flash Parker


LapseWorld from Triggertrap on Vimeo.

How to shoot star trails with Triggertrap Mobile. from Triggertrap on Vimeo.

How to use the Peekaboo mode in Triggertrap Mobile from Triggertrap on Vimeo.